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AAF Black Bear Rescue

Saturday, January 5th, 2008

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Arriving at the Animals Asia Foundation (AAF), Sichuan Longqiao Black Bear Rescue Centre in China on Monday the 8th of October as a volunteer is our friend Anne.  

A daily ritual is mixing up the bears medications in pureed apple and water and many of the bears are old and have mobility problems due to their years of abuse on farms and are given special joint powders and anti-inflammatory medications.

For safety when a bear undergoes a health check they are anaesthetized, there is an amazing bear transport team, fondly known as the A team, which work like a well oiled machine to minimize stress to the bears when they have to moved around. 

Once a bear is healthy enough they are released into the rehab enclosure, this can be both exciting and rewarding  as some of the bears have never experienced grass under their feet. Anne already has a favourite dog, from the ever growing population at the centre, named Sha Wa (pictured above).  

The vet team is in real demand as the state of animal welfare is very poor, hence the need for AAF.



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