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Handmade Ring Competition 2009

Wednesday, July 15th, 2009

Over the last three months everyone who purchased a handmade engagement ring went into the draw to win a $2,500 wedding ring. And the winner is… Mike and Karol from Auckland. CONGRATULATIONS!!


Mike & Karol’s beautiful engagement ring.


Mike took Karol up to the lookout at Duder Regional Park where there was a beautiful view over the gulf and Clevedon farmland. Mike proposed in the wind and rain on his knees in the mud, which Karol loved! On their way back down they slipped and slid back to the car with the gorgeous ring and went straight to the nearest cafe to celebrate with hot chocolate and tarts. Karol loves the ring and can’t wait to choose the band to match.


Carl & Grace’s Wedding Day & Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009

carl-graces-wedding-ring-01.JPG carl-graces-wedding-ring-02.JPG

Carl and Grace celebrated their 9th anniversary of being together by tying the knot at Bethels Beach Cottages, Waitakere City in Auckland on March 1 2009. The day before was stormy and the forecast was for thunderstorms and high winds and they were ready for plan B. Fortunately it turned out to be a perfect day and the umbrellas purchased en route to the ceremony did not have to be used. The venue and ceremony was lovely, even when Ava the flower girl went chasing after a cat when she was halfway down the aisle.




Thank you very much for all the guidance and help with the ring which was a hit at the wedding - they are amazing.

Best Wishes,

Carl and Grace

Auckland, New Zealand

Alex & Astra’s Wedding Day

Friday, July 10th, 2009


 Alex and Astra were married at St Marks Cathedral in Auckland on Saturday February 14th 2009. The reception was held at the Westin Hotel.


Dear Jayne & Stephen,

It was lovely having you with us to celebrate our wedding day. We hope you had as good a time as we did.

Thank you again

All the best

Alex & Astra

Auckland, New Zealand

Ian & Holly’s Wedding Day & Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Ian and Holly were married in France October 2008.

ian-hollys-wedding-day-03.jpg  ian-hollys-wedding-day-02.jpg

Hi Jayne,
Thank you so much for your help with choosing and designing my engagement and wedding rings, and Ian’s wedding ring. When we first came to see you I didn’t really know what I wanted, but with your guidance I got rings that are just perfect. If  I am ever allowed to get earrings to match I will definitely come and see you again! I am so glad we came to you rather than just going to a store - we got a relaxed, friendly environment, fantastic advice, genuine interest in us and our plans, and beautiful, beautiful rings!

Ian and Holly,
Auckland, New Zealand

Steven & Lisa’s Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Hi Jayne,
So nice to finally talk to you, Steven said you were so lovely, I would have loved to come meet you, but unfortunately our children won’t allow that. Thank you for all your hard work with Steven, I think I’m still in shock he did all of that with you and I didn’t have a clue. I think we have just about set a date for late January 2010. So maybe I’ll be able to come and pick my wedding band and meet you then.
Thanks again Jayne
Steven and Lisa,
Auckland, New Zealand

Nigel & Chloe’s Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Chloe loves her ring and we got engaged last xmas.Once again, all the best for 2009.
Nigel and Chloe
Auckland, New Zealand

Duncan & Renee’s Wedding Day

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Duncan  and Renee were married in Willow Glen, Gordonton, New Zealand in March 2009.

renee-duncans-wedding-day-03.JPG renee-duncans-wedding-day-04.JPG


Iain & Angelina’s Wedding Day & Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009


Angelina and Iain were married on a scorching day on the 5th of February 2009 at Bridgewater Country Estate in Kaukapapa just out of Auckland. After 18 long months of planning, everything finally fell into place. The many inevitable hiccups on the day did not affect either our happieness or the magic of feeling of a day filled with loved ones.


Hi Jayne,Thank you for all your hard work and support with the rings. The way in which you have bent over backwards to help at every step is something we have both appreciated and recommended to friends on many occasions. No doubt Ange will have us back to you for more jewellery in future.
Iain and Angelina
Auckland, New Zealand

Louise and James’ Wedding Day & Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Jayne, our wedding day was truly the most wonderful day of my life and James’ too, it was beyond our expectation and the sun even shone for us too. The few days before were full of all emotions, tears of overwhelmed bundles of nerves, stress and of course happiness. Rescue remedy came in very handy indeed! Both James and I want to thank you so much again for your wonderful advice, time, patience and expertise in helping us choose my beautiful engagement ring, followed by both our wedding banks. I wish we could go through it all again! - Lots of love Louise


Dear Jayne, thank you for all your help with the engagement and wedding rings which are beautiful. We had a lovely day in Dublin surrounded by family and friends from all over the world. Even the Irish weather couldn’t be faulted on our big day. Louise looked beautiful as you can see in the photo, pretty magical day all around. Thanks again - James
Auckland,New Zealand

Kim and Robyn’s Testimonial

Friday, July 10th, 2009

Dear Jayne,
Thank you for all your kind support, your care and attention with redesigning my engagement ring and repairing my old one. - Kind Regards, Robyn
Thank you for helping me choose my perfect ring! Your design skills paid off! I am very happy with the end result! Thank you for your eye for detail all your care and attention. - Kind Regards,Kim
Auckland, New Zealand



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