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Wedding Ring Winners Jared and Sally 2011

Congratulations To Jared and Sally from Christchurch on winning the Wedding ring to the value of $2500.00


Hi Jayne
Still can’t believe that I won, so stoked!

I met the man of my dreams at my first Salsa dance lesson when I was living in Nelson. After spending time together whilst we learnt how to dance we decided that it would be fun to go away for a weekend to Christchurch. The salsa scene is great there and we could go skiing at Mount Hutt too. What a weekend to choose, as it was the weekend of the September earthquake! We got out of the city as fast as we could to go skiing - what an awesome day - a metre of snow and no people! That was the day that I fell in love with Jared. 8 months later Jared proposed to me and I said yes! I can’t wait to be Mrs Wallace.
Sally and Jared will be getting married on the 18th February 2012 at Pudding Hill lodge near Methven.   So not long to go now!!!!!!!

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