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Natalie and Tom’s Wedding

Natalie and Tom cellebrated  their wedding with there friends and Family in Lake Taupo April 2013
They had the most amazing time and honeymooned in Rarotonga and the Fabulous Aitutaki…….


The beautiful photo’s by Emily Raftery.

I see you’ve seen some of our wedding photos on Facebook.  We are still waiting on the bulk of our professional photos.

We had the most amazing wedding day/weekend!  It was lovely to get away to Lake Taupo with friends and family.  We then had a 10 day honeymoon on Rarotonga and Aitutaki – HEAVEN!  Exactly what we needed after a few hectic months of house buying, house moving and wedding!

I get LOTS of compliments on my rings so thank you!

Natalie & Tom

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