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They Even Do Not Wear The Socks Air Jordan Trunner

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Knowing man personality according to his habit of choosing the shoes.The men who wear the shoes casually-Sloppy, easy to be self-Deceptionthe men jordan shoes shop that wear the shoes casually are sloppy.They are easy to have the unrealistic expectation.This type of men do not care what shoes he wears, they wear shoes casually.

Sometimes the clothes and shoes can not match together at all.Even the shoes already damaged and out of style, he also does not matter.They even do not wear the socks.He can stand that the socks has been damaged or wearing wrong socks.

The men who like wear the orthodox black shoes-Truly have male chauvinist tendenciesthis type of men used to wear the orthodox black shoes, and shoes highly are polished bare, absolutely can not stand their own to wear a pair of dirty shoes or old shoes to go out.This type of man, if they have habit of wearing his orthodox black shoes on vacation or date, you must be psychologically prepared, he must have a fully-Fledged male chauvinist tendency, and they highly value mother's views.If you fall in love with him, do not have thoughts of wanting to sway him, he has a set of the principle of dealing with people, and he will never change for you.The men who prefer to wear casual shoes emphasis taste.

This type of man focuses on leisure and air jordan trunner quality of life.They have the high requirement for shoes, which not only should be comfortable, but also have the good style.Besides, the shoes should match the clothes.In personality, he likes to seize the initiative, they have the strong subjective consciousness, their requirements for opposite sex are picky.


Posted by Btrosxmz


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